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Support for Syrian Refugees

Important Notice

Collecting clothes, at the back of the church, for refugees will be suspended until the spring of 2018.

Your Clothes for Syrian Refugees

As a church we are collecting clothes to be sent to refugees who are sheltering in Greece, France, Eastern Europe and parts of Syria; the only clothes that they possess when they flee from their homes are the ones that they are wearing. 

Can you donate your unused clothes that are clean and still in good condition? There is a list below of what is needed. 

Put the clothing into the basket at the back of the church and it will be taken to be sorted and distributed by the charity “People in Motion.” Thank you.

What do we need?


NEW underwear and socks
Flip flops/walking sandals/trainers
Sun hats, Warm hats, Warm  scarves and gloves
Waterproof jackets
Men – T shirts, Vests, Shorts, Coats, Jumpers, Jeans, Trousers
(no XL sizes)
Women – Thin headscarves, Leggings, Light tops and Cardies, Long skirts, Tunic dresses, Long dresses, Trousers, Jeans, Coats, Jumpers, Bras (new or nearly new) (no XL sizes)
Children – boys – Shorts, T shirts, Trousers, Jeans, Jackets, Jumpers
girls – Leggings, Dresses, Light tops, Cardigans, Jumpers, Trousers, Jeans.
Baby clothes

Camping Equipment:

Quality, sturdy complete tents, Gas cooking stoves, Camping plates, bowls mugs, pans etc. Sleeping bags and warm, quick drying blankets.

No Thanks! 

No toys, books, quilts or pillows.
No formal/evening wear (including shoes).
No dirty/worn out clothes.
No XL sizes.