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Come and join us at the Gathering on the 1st Sunday of the month at 6.30pm in the Priory for...



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What happens at The Gathering?

The format of the Gathering on 7th May is provided as an example:  

Refreshments.  The refreshments table opens around 6.20pm - when proceedings begin we take our drinks to the tables - and return for recharging as necessary!  

Worship.  After a brief welcome and prayer we spend time focusing on the Lord by singing a number of songs led by the Worship Band.  In May we sang: How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin); I believe in Jesus (Marc Nelson, Vineyard); Once Again (Mat Redman); and I Sing Praises to Your Name (Terry MacAlmon).

Word, theme, discussion.  We read the Word selected from the Lectionary and the Lay Leader introduces the theme for the evening.  In May we chose Psalm 23 and the Theme was What if we don't have still waters or green pastures?  We considered that whilst some find the words of Psalm 23 very comforting, others may experience a more challenging time in our 'valleys' and may feel abandoned by God - a bit more like Job's experience.  This was then discussed at the tables and along with the question - What sustains us at these difficult times?  After a while we had 'open mic' time for individuals/tables to share reflections and testimonies - before matters were brought to a close with final thoughts.      

Prayer.  We had a time of prayer at the tables.  Some took the opportunity to pray for each other and for specific issues raised during discussion.  

Closing Worship.  We sing a final song together - in May we sang Stuart Townend's version of The Lord's My Shepherd and finish with a blessing.  

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The Gathering - Readings & Themes

The table below lists the readings and themes from recent meetings of The Gathering.  

Sunday Reading Theme
5 February Haggai 2:1-9 How well do YOU cope with change?
5 March Galations 4:8-20 I'm not superstitious...am I?
2 April No Gathering 4Front Theatre Production in the Priory
7 May Psalm 23 What if we don't have still waters or green pastures?
4 June Acts 2:1-4 How can the Holy Spirit transform our lives?
2 July Matthew 10:40 What is our welcome like?
6 August Is. 55:1-5 & Rom.  9:1-5 It's a Gift!  Have you opened yours?
3 September Mat 16:21-26 I don't want to hear it!  Dealing with the hard teachings of Christ 
1 October Exodus 17:1-7 How do life's trials and challenges impact my relationship with God?
5 November 1 John 3:1-3 A child of God...how does that work?
3 December   The Advent Carol Service is held on the first Sunday in December.  The next Gathering will be on Sunday 7 January.  
7 Jan Mat 2:1-12 Following the Star: what can we learn from the Magi?