six five four three two eight seven oneScrolling down this page gives you a tour of the Priory building.

The locations are marked on the floor plan, and if you click on a particular number you will be sent directly to that location.


1.The Nave

This is the main view after entering the Priory, looking toward the impressive East window. The windows comprise pieces of medieval glass fitted together. They are still very fine but are not as they would have looked originally.

This area, as you can see, is the main seating area for the main Sunday congregation. You see the choir and clergy walking in procession (precessing) towards the altar at the East end.

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2. The Crossing

The area visible in this picture is below the tower. We are looking Southwards towards what would have been a South Transept. see History

The Transepts are the short arms of the cross formed by the Priory building as viewed from above. The cross, a symbol which appears throughout the church stands as a reminder of how Jesus, son of God gave his life for the sake of the world.

Music making in the Priory is aided by this magnificent organ which has recently been refurbished. The ends of the present choir stalls are just visible on the right. The details of the organ and of the choir are given on a separate site.

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3. The Misericords

These are the seats of the Monk's stalls. Each seat is hinged with a ledge underneath on which the Monks could rest, taking the weight off their legs during the numerous long daily services.

You can see seat cushions upon end on the ledges, roughly in the position of a Monk's trunk.

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4. The High Altar

The focus of worship in a church is the altar and behind it is the reredos, a glass mosaic dating back to 1884. The subject is the Adoration of Christ by the Magi and shepherds. 

The Virgin and the infant Christ occupy the centre and a text along the lower edge reads: "They shall call His name Emmanuel".

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5. St Anne's Chapel

This Chapel is used regularly for Holy Communion services and for personal prayer. The southern stained glass windows here are full of excellent medieval glass showing scenes from the Bible.

Details of the Priory`s medieval glass can be seen on the CVMA web site by following links to Worcestershire and Great Malvern Priory.

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6. The North Chapel

This space, referred to as the North Chapel is used for prayer.

The original windows in this area were intended to illustrate Christian doctrine but parts were used to fill gaps in the great East window. On the left are the new Millennium windows. 

This is also the area where daily prayer is said at 9.00 a.m.

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The Medieval Tiles

No other church in England has such a well preserved collection of medieval wall tiles. sited on the lower part of the wall behind the high altar.

There are 19 of the larger tiles bearing the date 1453 in Roman numerals. Eleven tiles carry the Arms of England, lions and fleur-de-lys. We would not include a French emblem today!

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7. The Childrens' Space

A recent addition is the Children's Space.

The Priory welcomes children to be an integral part of our worshipping life.

Any community of faith is enriched by the presence of children. So we thank God for our children and pray for them and their families.

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and the Priory Shop.

The Priory shop is just inside the main entrance door and is manned by volunteers. It sells a variety of gifts, cards and books.

You can see the North aisle floor tiles. The Priory has some well preserved medieval floor tiles though many, including the ones you see here are Victorian copies.

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8. South Nave Aisle

Opposite the shop is the South aisle which was originally part of the monastery. When the Priory building was extended the North aisle was widened but this one stayed its original width.

You will notice a series of notice boards along the right hand wall. These are used by the Priory community to publicise the activities of the various groups and the people involved. An example is shown inset at the bottom left of the picture.

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If you visit Malvern Priory there is an excellent guide book: "Tour of Great Malvern Priory" available from the Priory bookshop for £2.50.

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