The Repair Programme

Timetable for the Stonework Repairs

In February 2019 the Priory Surveyor advertised on the Church Care website for expressions of interest from contractors for the work. We received 8 expressions of interest, 5 companies were invited to tender following an analysis of responses to a pre-qualification questionnaire and 4 tenders were received. We have accepted the lowest tender from Sally Strachey Historic Conservation (SSHC). SSHC has done high-quality work for the Priory before (most recently in repairing the SW Buttress) and came to us with a strong recommendation from Bath Abbey. A pre-contract meeting was held on 11th July when the contract was signed. The contractor’s repair programme is set out in this Gantt chart and is as follows:

  • Work will start on 19th August with the erection of scaffolding around the North Porch. While the scaffolders are working, access to the church will need to be through the North Transept. At the same time the contractor will use a scaffolding tower in the narrow space between the West Wall and the Abbey Hotel. From here they will measure the sizes of the stones in the section of the West Wall that is to be rebuilt so that new stones of the same sizes can be ordered.

  • During the first two weeks of September, the North Porch stonework will be cleaned. From mid-September until late October, the Porch Pinnacles will be taken down and repaired and the facades of the Porch will also be repaired and conserved.

  • Work inside the Priory will also start in mid-September. Cracks inside St Anne’s Chapel will be re-pointed. Large cracks high in the walls of the West End of the Priory will be re-pointed using a cherry picker. The tie-bar across the west window will be re-painted at the same time.

  • Finally, during October and November, sections of the West Wall will be re-built and repaired.


Howard Wells, August 2019


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