The Angry Course

The Angry Course

Have you ever felt so angry you feel out of control or are you one of those people who avoids confrontation at any cost and never allows your anger to show?

If either case applies you may be interested in a five session course which will help people to manage their anger. It takes place at the Lyttelton Well in June.

‘It is about understanding anger and learning techniques to work with it,’ said course leader Frances Anderson.

‘People can have trouble with anger. It can come out quite aggressively in some cases and in others people don’t allow themselves to get angry enough. We want people to understand their anger and work constructively with it. This helps them become better at talking about how they feel and how it affects them.’

The course will be preceded by an assertiveness course, designed for those who find it difficult to express how they feel or ask in a suitable way for what they want. This could be in a work situation, a relationship, making a complaint or on hearing what other people want.

‘This course will be about being able to express what you want to say in an appropriate way. It’s about valuing yourself and your opinion.’ said Frances.
‘It matters what you feel and what you say and some people find it difficult. This course teaches skills and techniques to enable clients to feel comfortable with what they say.’

Each course, run under the auspices of the Well Counselling Service, lasts for five weeks. The Angry Course runs in the morning and starts on Thursday June 18 and the Assertive Course, again running in the morning, starts on Thursday April 23.

If you would like more details use this email or go to the website.

Advance booking for both courses is essential.

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