House Groups

What are House Groups?

House Groups provide the opportunity to come together to study God’s Word, to grow in our understanding of being disciples of Jesus, and to support each other on our journey's of faith.  They bring us learning, laughter, challenge, celebration, prayer and support as we meet together.  The aim is for them to be warm, safe, loving and unpressured fellowships where everyone has the opportunity to ask questions, suggest responses and share their thoughts, based on their own experiences, in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  

RepresLeaders' Meeting January 2018entatives from the House Groups meet twice a year to reflect, pray and share materials and ideas (inset: January 2018 meeting), however each House Group is unique and has its own identity and ways of doing things.  We meet in church members’ homes which are spread across the Malvern area and also on different days and times (see below).  


Would you like to try out a House Group?  

You are encouraged to contact Rev Ted Crofton (House Group Coordinator) who will be able to assist you in finding a suitable group.  (Tel: 01886 833376 or Email:  


Joining a Group for Lent?

If you are interested in joining a Group just for Lent then please also contact Rev Ted Crofton.  Sometimes a new group may be formed for this purpose depending on demand.      

House Group Details

Daytime Groups

Day Time  Name Contact Area      
Mondays 2pm Fruitlands

Trisha Hutchinson   01684 575768                                                

 Tuesdays 10am Hillenders

Rosemary Webster   01684 833239

Upton on Severn
Wednesdays 10am Beacon

Tony Whalley    01684 562897

Malvern multi-venue
Wednesdays 10am Kasih

Edwina Hawker & Marge Stanton Hyde     01684 567491

Malvern multi-venue
Thursdays 10.15am Eden

Sally Hodge and Rebecca Chakko-George  01684 564143/01684 563819

Central Malvern



Evening Groups

Day Time Name Contact Area
Mondays 7pm Sugar Loaf

James & Christina Walker    01684 576302

Central Malvern
Mondays 8.15pm Abbey Road

Chris Boulton      01684 564431

Abbey Road
Tuesdays 7.30pm House2House

Chris Pearce     01684 564536

Malvern Multi-venue
Wednesdays 7.30pm TANGENTS for 18-30s

Catherine Ponting

West Malvern
Wednesdays 7.30pm Miller's Field

Anne Eglington    01684 567640      

Clarence Road
Wednesdays 8pm Golden

John & Susie Towers      07773 662480

Central Malvern


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