Messy Church

Great news!

Watch this space about the middle of next week!

Virtual Messy church comes to you HERE ready for the date July 12th which was to have been the Messy church day  We hope you will enjoy taking  part. We enjoyed making the film for you!


Church for the whole family







In the upstairs hall of the Lyttelton Rooms at the main entrance to the Priory.



Come along and get messy with lots of crafts to do, celebration all together...



...finishing with everyone having tea.



It is different from a children’s activity day because it it is an event for children and their parents, grandparents or carers together.

It is a worshipping community of all ages, centred on Christ, showing Christian hospitality, giving people a chance to express their creativity, to sit down, have a meal and have fun within a church context.

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