Our aim is to express God's love in ways taught by Jesus Christ

This includes two areas of work:

  1. Arranging events which reach out to non-church people
  2. Supporting Mission contacts here and overseas

Alpha courses are an introduction to Christianity and provide an opportunity to ask any question you like. Enquiries to: 01684 574920.

Our church’s giving explained

For many years the PCC has annually made the decision to give away 10% of our church’s stewardship giving to Christian mission. This reflects our commitment as a church to reach out with the good news of Jesus’ love for all locally, nationally and globally. In 2019 our church supported the following charities and organisations with our money and prayers:

Bible Society
Care for the Family
Care Trust
Christians Against Poverty
Church Mission Society
Church Pastoral Aid Society
Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East
Friends of Marsabit
Mission Aviation Fellowship
Open Doors
Scripture Union UK
Youth Doing Christian Work (supporting young people from our church doing Christian work)

Below are some photos from our notice board.



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