Mission Partners

As a church we give 10% of our regular stewardship income to the wider mission of the church as well as giving support through prayer and, sometimes, active involvement. This section describes the charities with which we are involved in this way.


The Bible Society supports the translation and distribution of the Bible throughout the world, no matter how remote or small the people group. It fulfils the commandment to preach the gospel throughout the world.


CARE exists to make a Christian difference now, for the sake for the future. By monitoring and campaigning amongst our MP’s and other policy-making bodies, it guides and supports Christians to help them to be even more effective advocates for Christian values in our world.

CARE FOR THE FAMILY arranges events, produces books and DVD’s and gives support to people needing help with relationships and problems within families. By working alongside government bodies and other organisations, its upholding of Christian values in marriage and family life are clear


Church Action on Poverty works with church and community groups across the UK to make tackling poverty a priority. Its remit involves educating churches about poverty in the UK, enabling people in poverty to speak for themselves, working for policies to eradicate poverty and promoting reflection and action for social justice.


Paul and Sarah Tester and their daughters, Sophia, Emily and Annabelle, are CMS Partners working in partnership with the Anglican Church on Peru. Despite Peru being a nominally Christian country there is still a huge need for people to truly know Jesus. Half the population is under 30, making children’s and youth ministry especially important. Paul serves in the Anglican Church’s national youth ministry, training and encouraging leaders, providing resources and promoting youth work across the country. He also appreciates ministering in their local church in a nearby shantytown. Sarah teaches Sunday school and they are enjoying bringing up their children who were born in Lima. They want people to experience the love that Jesus has for them and see in them an example of a faithful Christian family.


CPAS enables mission in local churches across the UK, aiming to make disciples, to develop leaders and to grow churches. It is a support and resource organisation, encouraging and enabling churches to fulfil their role of “bringing the Gospel to every door.” In the Priory we have twice used the “Growing Leaders” course produced by CPAS and our young people have gone on Venture camps which they run.


John and Gillian Robinson, Crosslinks Mission Partners, set up The Place of Grace in Bangkok in 2012.  Situated in the middle of the second largest slum community, Place of Grace shares God’s love both in action and in preaching the gospel.  Over 200 children and young people attend the weekly groups where they have a safe place to play and they hear the of Jesus’ love through drama, prayer and other activities.  They also run a weekly discipleship group where new believers can grow and be encouraged and a food bank where the gospel is shared along with vital food provisions.  John & Gillian have three children, Leah & Natalie who are at college in America and Joel who is 7 and currently home-schooled.


The Dyson Perrins Chaplaincy project began in September 2015 when Katie Fisher began her role as Chaplain in Dyson Perrins Church of England Academy.  The post is supported ecumenically by local churches, as well as partnering with the Worcestershire diocese and organisations including the YMCA.  The role offers pastoral support in the school, creating space and a forum to engage with and explore faith and spirituality, whilst supporting and facilitating youth work in the local community and church.  An additional element has been coordinating Youth Link events, where church youth groups meet and worship together in various venues across Malvern.


FFRME is a UK registered charity, founded in 2005 by Canon Andrew White. In Baghdad, FRRME funds and oversees a free medical and dental clinic, staffed by a multi-faith team, at St. George's Anglican Church. Working alongside other agencies in Iraqi Kurdistan, FRRME provides food, shelter, healthcare and education for thousands of people living in refugee camps. In Jordan FRRME provides food and clothing vouchers, rent assistance, healthcare and education for Iraqi refugees and also works for reconciliation in Israel/Palestine.


The Anglican Diocese of Marsabit, in northern Kenya, is the size of England, with a widely scattered, partly nomadic population. Much of the diocese consists of desert or lava wastes, and financially the diocese is poor, with most people dependent on their herds of cattle, goats or camels. Bishop Daniel Qampicha oversees this vast area, with its scattered parishes. Some have church buildings; in other places there are “tree churches”. Vicars and evangelists carry out their ministry often in very lonely and remote places, but regular courses are held at the Diocesan Training Centre, next to the cathedral in Marsabit. Although only 12% of the population are Christian, the church is growing. Friends of Marsabit was set up to support the diocese – in clergy and evangelist training, building of churches and vicarages, building and sustaining of schools, providing water supplies and in enabling Bishop Qampicha to get around his vast diocese etc. Malvern Priory was partnered with Bishop Rob and Sue Martin until his retirement in 2016, and has had hands-on involvement in the diocese.


Working in close partnership with many agencies, MAF provides flights and logistical support for their outreach to communities in developing nations. These agencies include aid and development organisations, government departments, mission partnerships, local churches and other national groups; their work covers healthcare, emergency relief, development and communicating the Christian gospel.


Open Doors is a non-denominational mission supporting persecuted Christians in over 60 countries where Christianity is socially or legally discouraged or oppressed. Open Doors supports persecuted Christians with Bibles, Christian materials, training, livelihood skills, advocacy - and in a whole host of other ways - so that they know they are not forgotten and can stand strong to serve their communities. They also seek to mobilise the church in the UK & Ireland not only to serve Christians living under religious persecution but also to learn from them what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. A message from the persecuted church: “The best helping hand you can give us is to have praying hands”


“Using the Bible to inspire children, young people and adults to know God.” Scripture Union is an international mission movement that was founded 150 years ago and is now working in over 120 countries. They offer camps and holidays for young people, work in schools and encourage people of all ages to meet God daily through the Bible and prayer. Scripture Union is the inspiration behind our annual “Lifepath” activity week.


A non-denominational organization, SGM Lifewords has a passion to share the Bible freely. They produce literature resources and pioneer new ways for people worldwide to explore the Bible in their own language and culture. Examples of projects that they run include counselling at-risk street children in Brazil and child soldiers in Columbia. Lifewords literature is always freely available at the back of the Priory and, over the years, many thousands of leaflets and booklets have been taken by visitors to the Priory.


The Priory Social Responsibility and Action Group (SRAG) aims to increase the Priory community's awareness of social needs and the opportunities for giving practical help and support. We liaise with groups in the wider church, including the diocese, statutory and voluntary organisations and organise relevant action, and support Priory members already working in these areas.


Spring into Life 2017 will be held under the banner of the ‘Malvern Youth Link’ and will concentrate on work in 3 secondary schools – Dyson Perrins, The Chase and Malvern St James. As in previous years there will be a full programme put on in the schools offering a week of assemblies, lessons and prayer/reflection spaces which will give young people an opportunity to connect with issues of faith. Members of the Zephaniah trust will be coming down from Bradford to help out in the schools and we are also hoping to link up with Galactus Jack (from the Message Trust). We are expecting that this week will provide a connection with the big evening youth outreach on 10 June, “One”, hosted by Great Malvern Priory, providing an opportunity to follow up further with young people from the schools.


Tearfund is committed to following Jesus where the need is greatest, serving those living in poverty, regardless of race, gender, nationality or religious belief. They work through local churches, as Jesus’ body on earth, caring for the whole person and the whole community and act in areas such as: facilitating clean water and toilets, fighting climate change, educating and empowering on gender and relationships and supporting vulnerable children and adults. God isn’t giving up on the poor and neither is Tearfund.


This fund welcomes applications from a young person who may need financial support in order to perform any type of Christian work either in UK or overseas. Recently it has given money to 2 young people in our church who were part of a larger Priory group travelling to N. Kenya. They worked with the Diocese of Marsabit, being involved in building a school and water tank and giving health education.


In addition to the many other organisations whom we support financially, a further significant part of our annual income is paid to Worcester Diocese as the parish share. Half of this donation pays all of the costs of our vicar, while the other half goes towards mission and ministry in other parts of the diocese, both in the parishes and as centrally organised outreach activities. This includes work in schools, hospitals, industry, business and the agricultural sector within communities both in the diocese and the wider world.

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