Children's Space

Sundays 10.30am



The Priory welcomes children to be an integral part of our

worshipping life and encourages their full participation

through the Children’s Groups and/or the Junior Choir.


Any community of faith is enriched by the presence of

children. So we thank God for our children and pray

for them and their families in the growing years

of their lives and faith journeys.


Parents: please help your children to follow services and

to join in the worship as far as they are able.


Children: If you need “time out”, please take your parents

to the choir vestry. You can then make a lot

of noise without being disturbed by those who are trying

to follow the service.


Visitors: This space is available for you and for your children to

play under supervision while you are in the Priory.


Everyone: Please tidy up when you leave so that the space

is welcoming for the next people to use it.

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