Lifepath 2020

We regret that due to the Corvid19 situation Lifepath 2020 has been cancelled.

The dates for 2021 are June 21st - 25th.

It came as no surprise to us to learn that, sadly, Lifepath has been cancelled for this year. However, all is not lost. Rosamund Ponting and her hard working team have come up with some interesting alternatives.

Vicky, the team schools link person, contacted all the schools which had signed up to tell them that those involved in Lifepath would be praying for all the schools during this difficult time and inviting staff to let them know if there were any particular people or situations they would like them to pray for. About 30 of the volunteer team have agreed to pray for specific schools. 

Heather Williamson came up with another thought. She suggested asking activity leaders to devise activities which could be done by the children from home. Given that teachers are racking their brains to carry out home teaching this could, quite literally, be a God Send. School staff could be asked to post out the required materials.

There are also plans to digitally make available some of the songs to those schools which express an interest.

Making pottage with recipes from the Monastery Kitchen, finding Hidden Treasure, trying out Calligraphy and ideas from the Prayer Journey are among the 9 activities which have just been made available to schoools.

‘Lifepath may not be happening in the same way this year,’ says Ros ‘but let us pray that Lifepath by prayer ministry and activities online will strengthen our links with the schools and we see all the children with renewed enthusiasm next year!’

And the dates for that are June 21-25, 2021.

Mary Rowswell

Download the online activities for Lifepath 2020.


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