Intercessions - 05/04



Heavenly Father, we think today of the crowd who accompanied Jesus into Jerusalem, but who turned against Him and demanded His crucifixion; guide us in our decision-making so that we do not heedlessly join the majority without looking to you first.

There are so many questions we are asking ourselves just now: questions about Jesus’ actions, and questions about our own part. As we think about these matters, we are only too conscious that we cannot form a physical crowd: whilst we are sad not to be in our church building, we are uplifted by the thought that all around the world we are joined by our fellow Christians praising you, remembering Jesus’ sacrifice for us, and offering ourselves anew to your service. We give you thanks for all who provide modern technology keeping us in contact with one another and enabling us to ensure that each others’ needs are being met. And we pray that we can use the time on our own to think through the questions coming into our minds. Thank you that we can receive the leadership of our Archbishops, Bishops and clergy in every church.

Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer


We bring to you every victim of the coronavirus, asking for your healing for them. Protect all who have been in contact with them, who are anxious for them, and comfort those whose loved ones have died. Help every one of us to be sensible in our actions, and to heed all the advice given to us. We pray for all in authority as they formulate that advice.

We give you thanks for every doctor, nurse, health worker and carer working tirelessly to help sufferers, whilst anxious for themselves and their families; please protect them. Guide all who are working to provide equipment and medication so urgently needed.

Thank you for everyone continuing to work to provide the things we are tempted to take for granted: running water, electricity, gas, and public transport for those who need it to get to their work. Look after everyone serving in our food shops and pharmacies, and getting supplies to them; help us all to resist the temptation to join with the crowd to complain when we can’t find just what we want on the shelves. Thank you for the vast numbers of volunteers coming forward to help where needed; protect them all.

Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer


Help us to guard against the selfishness that isolation could bring; we remember all suffering from different causes: sick and disabled people, homeless people, victims of flood, fire, drought, locusts and climate change; our farmers not knowing if their crops can be harvested. Be with each one of them, Lord.

We give thanks for your Creation: every sign of Spring and new life. We pray that we shall all learn lessons from this time, to move forward together with re-evaluated goals to create a world according to your will.


A prayer of St Columba to carry into Holy Week:

Be a bright flame before me,
be a guiding star above me,
be a smooth path below me,
be a kindly shepherd behind me,
today and evermore. Amen

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