Newsletter 12/04

Dear friends,

“Christ has risen. He has risen indeed, Alleluia!

Easter is here. The great passion of death’s sting emptied into the dying Messiah. He would complete what he had said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” These three days changed the world, our perception of God, and his want for us.
Zach Kincaid 

Welcome to our online newsletter today on Easter Sunday. Last year our celebrations began with a beautiful sunrise service on the Beacon. This year will be very different.

Today, Piers has put together our Easter Service, and it can be found via the “Online Worship” tab on the website. It builds upon the Palm Sunday Service for which we have had so many positive comments. Thank you. Jonny and his team worked very hard to achieve a service entirely through the medium of video. Hopefully, you will join us at 10.30 am (although the video can be played at any point), and it will feel as close to our usual Easter Sunday Service as possible. 

I’ve been very impressed by an idea that has been shared with me about expressing our faith creatively during this time. It is proposed that we decorate a Bible verse in whatever medium we choose – felt tips, inks, paints, collage, embroidery etc. – and then take a picture or scan and send it by email to Tony Fuller. He will put it up on Great Malvern Priory’s Facebook page which can be accessed from the church website. When things return to normal, we can exhibit the work at the Priory. 

During this time, Rita and I have decided to take Monday’s as our day off. Next week, because Monday is a Bank Holiday, we will take both Monday and Tuesday. 

The Priory has given Easter eggs, as a token of thanks to all who minister at the Priory. Rita and I will be enjoying our fairtrade egg today. All who receive the eggs appreciate it very much indeed. It is a privilege to minister in this place.

Every blessing,


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