Newsletter 19/04

Sunday 19thApril 2020, 2nd Sunday of Easter

Dear Priory friends,

Welcome to our weekly news sheet. As we all continue in lockdown we hope that you are keeping fit and well and not feeling too lonely or isolated. Do get in touch with the Priory office or with your Priory Area Link (PAL) or Rita Corke or Anne Eglington if you need help.

For those able to access the website, the Priory online services over Easter weekend were truly special. Thank you to all who contributed with input and organisation; we are very blessed at the Priory with an array of amazing talent and dedication. The services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday were each accessed over 250 times, which suggests that a large proportion of our regular congregations was able to worship together as the Priory family, albeit remotely. Knowing that others are worshipping at the same time as us reinforces the feeling of togetherness and mutual support in these difficult times. Hopefully we were also joined by many visitors who too found comfort and support.  

Rod, in his talk to children, suggested that they might like to produce a piece of artwork that illustrates a verse from the bible. Adults too are encouraged to join in. Results should be sent using this email. We are grateful to Catherine Ponting for suggesting this idea and look forward to seeing all the artwork displayed in the church once it is back open.

The glorious sunshine over the weekend added to the sense of wonder of Easter. In gardens and in the countryside the signs of new life are everywhere. Shrubs, hedges and trees are in flower or bud, lambs are in the fields – and the grass is growing!  We even had a pink moon to gaze at. In the midst of darkness we are forever reminded of God’s wonderful creation. As that great hymn has it: 

“Summer and winter and springtime and harvest,

Sun moon and stars in their courses above

Join with all nature in manifold witness”

To thy great faithfulness, mercy and love”

This period of isolation may give us time for reflection, reviewing and regrowth. We need to be looking ahead. It is an opportunity for us to read, pray and listen and perhaps re-evaluate our lives and the way we live. We are very blessed with having so much but does our plenty cost others? Do we need to change the way we treat this wonderful world which God created for us all to enjoy? So many people struggle to enjoy it both in Britain and the wider world. What can we do about it? May this difficult period in our life help us to understand how we can adjust our lives to show in a greater way how we love our neighbour where ever they live.

We look forward to a time when we will once again be able to worship, pray and rejoice with each other in our wonderful Priory church. In the meantime, do keep safe and stay well.

In God’s love,

Jerry and Neil


(Hymn words reproduced under CCL licence 6610)


Due to the advice given by the government about Coronavirus, the Priory is now closed. All services have been suspended until further notice, the church is no longer open for prayer, and all events such as concerts, organ recitals and Lunchbox have been cancelled. 

The Parish Office will be closed until further notice. You can contact the office by email, which is monitored regularly. Contact details for the Vicar and the Church Manager are given at the end of this page.

Intercessions Suggested prayers of intercession for this week, as a basis for your prayers, are in the link on the right. 

Congratulations and best wishes to Michael and Angela Martin who are celebrating their 60thwedding anniversary this week.

Prayer Vine If you would like a prayer request to be put on the Priory Prayer Vine, please email it or telephone 07977 444864.

Contact Details

Vicar The Revd Rod Corke (day off Monday) 


Telephone: 07977 444864

Curate The Revd Jonny Gordon (day off Tuesday)


Priory Office Tel:01684 561020


The office is currently closed but emails are monitored.

Church Manager Anne Rich 


Telephone: 07860 873566

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