Newsletter 26/04

Sunday 26thApril 2020, 3rd Sunday of Easter

Dear friends,

“Jesus, himself, drew near and went with them.”

Welcome to Sunday with the Priory community, and today we focus on that beautiful story that Luke tells known as ‘The Road to Emmaus’. We thank Chris Shepherd, who has coordinated this week’s worship. It can be found via the ‘Online Worship' tab on the Priory website: look for “One Service For All’ and today’s date. I have heard that many people are watching it at our usual service time of 10.30am, and some home groups are trying ‘zoom’ coffee afterwards. The link to the service will not be on the website until early Sunday morning. We have been able to tell that these services have proved very popular, with over 300 viewings. A big thank you to the teams involved.

In place of the children’s talk this week, John Butterworth, a Reader and rep for the Christian charity Open Doors, will be talking about supporting persecuted Christians. Open Doors’ website can be found here.

Next Sunday, we are planning to include communion in the service (we have put a video online which answers common questions about doing this). I will preside on behalf of people at the Priory. I will share with Rita, and you can either watch prayerfully or join in with your own bread and wine. If this is successful and welcomed, we plan to offer virtual communion once a month during the lockdown.

Another idea which is going well is the display of Bible-based artwork Priory folk have completed during the lockdown. Catherine Ponting felt God prompt her to suggest this and the resulting artwork can be seen on the Priory Facebook site (easily accessed through the website). If you wish to contribute, email a photo or scan to Tony Fuller. We hope to have a display in church once we can return.

At the vicarage, two magpies are building a nest just below a bedroom window. It is a lovely sign of Spring, and a reminder that God, the Lord of all creation, walks with us now through this difficult time. He journeys with us and he has promised never to leave us or forsake us. So let’s keep our eyes firmly fixed on him and push through.

Every blessing,



Due to the advice given by the government about Coronavirus, the Priory is now closed. All services have been suspended until further notice, the church is no longer open for prayer, and all events such as concerts, organ recitals and Lunchbox have been cancelled. 

The Parish Office will be closed until further notice. You can contact the office by email, which is monitored regularly. Contact details for the Vicar and the Church Manager are given at the end of this page.

Intercessions Suggested prayers of intercession for this week, as a basis for your prayers, are in the link on the right. This week these have been written by Rosemary Webster.

Prayer Vine If you would like a prayer request to be put on the Priory Prayer Vine, please email it or telephone 07977 444864.

Surprise, surprise! The Friends' annual charabanc trip on Thursday, 14th May has been postponed until Thursday, 13th May 2021, God willing.

Contact Details

Vicar The Revd Rod Corke (day off Monday) 


Telephone: 07977 444864

Curate The Revd Jonny Gordon (day off Tuesday)


Priory Office Tel:01684 561020


The office is currently closed but emails are monitored.

Church Manager Anne Rich 


Telephone: 07860 873566

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