Intercessions - 02/08

Heavenly Lord as we bring our prayers and praise to you, we thank you that, at this time of great uncertainty and unpredictability across the world, you alone can bring stability and permanence within our lives. Regardless of our circumstances or situations you are the God who can and will respond to our every need.

The impact of the coronavirus over the last few months has meant that life has inevitably had to change for all of us, now and into the future. We pray for those who have lost previously secure employment and livelihoods. We pray that you would help them at this time of crisis to look for new opportunities and ways of supporting themselves and their families.

We pray for those who have had to experience greater periods of isolation, loneliness and lack of social contact. We ask that you watch over them and help them to receive the support and resources that they need.

Heavenly Lord we thank you for the dedication and commitment of those in the health and care professions who continue to support those suffering or affected by the virus, as well as those in positions of leadership and authority who have to make critical decisions in terms of resources or changes to lockdown restrictions.

Our thoughts and prayers reach out to those at present suffering from the virus and ask that you give them full recovery, plus those who have suddenly had to endure loss and bereavement of a loved one. We pray that the predictions of a second spike in coronavirus cases across Europe may not materialise.

Although, there is still a long way to go before this virus can be overcome, we thank you that some semblance of normality is returning to our lives and this includes the encouragement of the resumption of church services, albeit in modified ways. We pray that this may be a start to a gradual return to more normal church services, and to being able to make the church open again to visitors and those who are in dire need of consolation and prayer.

Gracious Lord, as we turn our attention to other crises and tragedies taking place across the world, we think of the millions of persecuted Christians who follow Jesus, no matter what the cost to themselves personally, persecuted Christians in such countries as North Korea, Bangladesh, Somalia and Pakistan.

Turning our thoughts much closer to home, we pray for your support, guidance and wisdom to those in positions of leadership and responsibility within the church. We pray that you would help them in their decision-making and how to continue to adapt to meeting the needs of those within our local community. We would ask that

that their daily and practical commitments would not interfere in their consideration of the long-term vision of what the church should look like and become in the future. 

Special thanks and prayers should be given to all those who have given their time, abilities and talents to the production of online services, as well as the diligence of those who work behind the scenes regarding the administration, daily maintenance and upkeep of the church building.

Lord, we pray for all of those within our church family who may be going through illness at this time, either physically or mentally, and pray that you would give them comfort and consolation. We also pray for those individuals who may be caring for them to be given sufficient focus, stamina and resilience.

Heavenly Lord, the story of your son, Jesus Christ, feeding the 5000 people, and giving them more food than they actually required, is a great example of your continuing love, compassion and protection for all of us. Therefore, as we all may experience future periods of instability, problems and adversity, we thank you that your compassion and love will always be with us, and that you are perpetually watching over our lives. We ask that you would give us the wherewithal to share this message of your love and compassion with other people.  Amen.

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