Intercessions - 23/08

Heavenly Father, as the weeks go on and we are still subject to restrictions, we thank you for the positive aspects of the last few months. Worshiping you in our homes, we have become increasingly aware of what it means to be part of your family, and know that all round the world we are your Kingdom people, protected, guided and strengthened by you in all circumstances. We thank you for that. We have had the chance to re-appraise our values and priorities, to bring them into line with what you want for each of us. And we have had the chance to ask "Who am I?" and "What is my role in your Kingdom?". We are grateful for that. We pray we can go forward with renewed purpose on the path you have chosen for each of us.

As the pandemic has spread across the world, we see more clearly the need for all nations to work together, and pray that our governments will form their policies with this in mind. We think of everyone suffering as a result of Covid19, especially in the poorest countries, and we pray that world banks and organisations will suspend payments of the debts so many of those countries have, in order that they can feed their people. We bring to you Belarus where there is unrest, and pray for the families whose children we have met over the years. In Latin America we ask you to protect and guide Paul and Sarah Tester and their daughters and in Thailand please be with John and Gillian Robinson, Joel and all for whom they care. We pray for protection and a compassionate response for all refugees, forced by violence or disaster to flee their homes, including those who risk their lives in flimsy boats on the English Channel. May those who see violence as the only way to make themselves heard have their hearts changed towards peace and dialogue.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

We thank you for the role the church is playing across the world in sustaining those who are hungry and all who are homeless. We remember the people of Beirut whose homes were destroyed, loved ones killed and many injured in the explosion, and thank you for Christian ministry there. Please bless our Archbishops, Bishops and priests who lead us. We seek your help as decisions are made on how to resume worship in our buildings safely so that your people will feel reassured as they come together again. We regret that so much outreach has had to be suspended, and that the Church's income has fallen so much that it may not be possible to resume all that has been done in the past. Please help us to see where priorities must lie in the future.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

In our church family, we give thanks for the way worship has been held over the months, and for the skills of all who provided it. Thank you for the leadership of Rod and Jonny; be with Jonny as he prepares to be priested next month. We thank you for the diverse gifts you have given to our members, and ask you to guide those who are considering their vocations; may they hear your calling and prayerfully answer. We remember with gratitude those who are planning to stand down from their roles, and pray for their successors. Thank you for our PALs and everyone who has kept us all in touch with one another so that we could share our experiences.

We pray for our young members who have received A level and GCSE results over the past 10 days. Please guide each one of them, and their parents, carers and teachers, as they work out their way forward.  

We bring to you all who are not well, including all who have had treatment postponed because of the strains on our health service, and all who have been affected by Covid19. In a moment of quiet we pray for every church member suffering at present...... We pray for a time of rest for every medical worker who has given so much over the last months. We give thanks for every church member who has died recently; please bless and comfort their family and friends.

And as we all go forward into another week we pray: Lord of heaven and earth, as Jesus taught his disciples to be persistent in prayer, give us patience and courage never to lose hope, but always to bring our prayers before you, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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