Intercessions - 12/07

Let us remember God's presence with us as we lay our prayers before Him.

Our loving heavenly Father, we bring before you now our broken world, stricken with the pandemic, bringing untold suffering especially to those who are enduring war and famine, as well as to refugees with no place to call their home. We pray earnestly for peace and an end to the violence in Yemen. We pray for everyone who is trying to bring aid and support to what seems an unending situation of stalemate. We pray for Christians around the world who suffer torture, discrimination, abuse, and who, at the very worst, lose their lives for their faith. We remember especially the situation in India, North Korea and Northern Nigeria, praying for all Christians there. In Northern Nigeria in particular the Chibok girls, some still captives of Boko Haram, and their devastated parents. Lord in all these places of darkness may your light shine and may hope in you replace despair. 

Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer.

Lord we pray for our nation at this time of uncertainty. Give wisdom to our prime minister and his team as they make often crucial decisions affecting us all. We remember all those in the NHS who have been working in the front line for months at full stretch, probably running on empty and exhausted. Lord give them strength, sustain them, and meet their needs. We pray for our police service who often receive abuse and also at times face violence. Lord please bring respect where it is due, and may any racist attitudes be rooted out. Lord we pray for all those who have lost loved ones and for whom life will never be the same again. We do pray for all those working for a Covid-19 vaccine, asking that you will give them success. We also pray that there will not be a second wave of the virus.

Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer.

We pray for our Priory church family, remembering especially Rod and Jonny, that you will give them wisdom, strength and sustenance at this challenging time. We thank you for Terry and Chris Shepherd, and for all that they have given to us over many years.

Bless them as they move to Sidmouth, and settle in to their new home and church family. We pray for Paul and Sarah Tester, Sophie, Esther and Annabelle, in Lima, asking that you will meet their deepest needs during their strict lockdown. Bless those working in their health system, and people suffering from lack of food. We remember too John and Gillian Robinson, also having a difficult time during the pandemic. Watch over the Place of Grace, especially over the children and young people from deprived homes.

Many among our church family are suffering as a result of illness, anxiety, and concern for loved ones. We remember those known to us…. 

Comfort those recently bereaved, especially the family and friends of Peter Young.

Lord in your mercy, Hear our prayer.

Lord, may our hearts be good soil, where your word can thrive. Not like rock – hard and shallow. Not choked by the weeds of busy-ness and the distractions of life. Not bare of seed, snatched away by the birds of fancy ideas. But may our hearts be good soil, where your word grows deeply and strongly and richly, bearing fruit in our lives.

Lord, may our hearts, may my heart, be good soil, to your glory. Amen

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