Intercessions - 19/07

Sovereign Lord, we lift your world, your creation, before you today. Life is seemingly almost stalled, but yet continues. Disasters and disease cause such an unsettled picture. Nations are aggressive to other nations, or even to their own people, and the poor and the displaced continue to suffer the most. We lift this world to you, Lord. You are Lord. Bring peace and stability in our time, for the sake of our generations, those who follow us and those yet to come. May your people bear faithful witness to you through all hardships and suffering as they wait for Jesus' return.

We pray for those who lead this and other nations, for the normal work of government which must continue. For decisions needing to be taken in this unusual time to be taken wisely.

We pray for the limiting of further effects of the coronavirus in this country and across the world. We thank you for people's compliance with restrictions and for their effectiveness. We pray for wise easing, at the right pace. We pray for people to understand and comply where additional restrictions become necessary, even when they don't themselves feel vulnerable. We pray, Lord, for the relief of suffering of those directly affected by the pandemic, for the best treatment possible to be available right across the world. We pray that further sharing of medical resources, expertise and research results would lead to better understanding, to more effective treatment and to an effective vaccine. We pray for those seriously ill, we pray for full recoveries. We pray for those who may suffer long-term effects and those who will care for them. We pray and thank you for all medical and care workers. Lord grant them safety and strength. We pray for the bereaved for whom life will never be the same, Lord shine the light of your blessing on them and on all who are suffering.

We pray for the infirm, those who have become no longer able to care forthemselves and those who care for them, in these particularly hazardous times. We pray for those desperate, deprived, underprivileged or destitute in our society for whatever causes. May the agencies addressing these problems, on national and local levels, have sufficient resources, and may those in need get and accept the help that they require. We pray for all charities. May donors give generously and may charity leaders know how best to keep each charity's work going.

We pray again for our link missionaries and for Christian missionaries worldwide, finding themselves in very difficult situations. Lord, assure them of your love and give them your wisdom and grace.

We thank you, Lord, for Rod and Jonny and all the Priory leadership and management. We pray for them at this challenging time, and we thank you for the careful way that the return of services to the Priory is being planned. We pray for James in his planning of the physical layout. We pray that the arrangements would prove to be safe and we long for the return of full services and full church life.

We pray for your grace on the bereaved, those sick or suffering, and ourselves, that we may all persevere in the strength of the Lord.

Lord, receive our prayers, which are offered in Jesus' name.  Amen.

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