Intercessions - 10/05

‘Cast all your care on Him for He cares for you.’

Our Heavenly Father, we come to you with our intercessions, asking for others and for ourselves. We acknowledge that we cannot actually ask like children for you to give us things: rather, that we bring to you our worries and concerns; not to beg, manipulate or attempt to ‘twist your arm,’ but rather humbly to be with you and tell you how we feel, share our thoughts and rest in your confidence. 

Maybe today we are fearful, Lord, maybe we are tearful and worried.

But all we can do is to ‘hold up’ our friends, our colleagues, our world, to you.

We pray first for the Church, in this very new time of closed buildings but open hearts. We rejoice that online services have been working so well and that many people are comforted by these and though isolated from each other, can still be together. Perhaps Lord it will be Your will that we will do more of this in the future. We pray for Rod and Jonny, as well as for our Diocesan Bishop and Archdeacon, as they too wonder what the future will hold. Your church lives on and may grow, as people turn to you.

Praying for the world at this time of coronavirus means praying about something we are all suffering from: for once the whole world is affected together by one thing. Lord this has helped us remember we are all together. It has also reminded us that the people who suffer the most, as they always do, are the poor: those for whom You have a special care. Syria – Gaza – Burma – refugee camps; we know how desperate these situations are, and now they are more desperate than ever. The most vulnerable, the aged and the children who cannot socially isolate we bring before you, Lord, wondering what we can do to help. This crisis has shown us the difference between honest leaders who acknowledge mistakes and those who just want personal power and adulation. Give us good leaders, Lord, those we can trust, those who have the nation’s good, and their neighbours in the world, as their priority. Guide them into considering changes and not just following dogma. Help them to understand that at times like these, everyone needs to cooperate, work together and acknowledge our interdependence. Give them humility and the readiness to grow and change.

We pray for our community: those who are in need of special prayer this week, those who are ill with other problems which are not the virus and so may get less attention. Give courage to those who need to seek medical help and keep them safe in the hospitals, and guard the nurses and doctors who are taking care of them and taking risks.

Lord, as we pray for ourselves, we are grateful that you have given us the opportunity to learn what it means to have less freedom, and to be concerned in a different way: even, perhaps, to be fearful. From all these we can learn to have a deeper trust in You. As we pray for patience, we realise that you have given us the means to learn it. Be with us as the days drag on and we have to learn to do without, to be considerate of others in new ways, to appreciate what we have got. Give us a sense of Your will, and of submission to it. Help us not to be angry and strive against it but to learn from it to change this world. May a new world order arise: help us to learn from our mistakes as we so often stubbornly refuse to. Lord you have given us this chance: help us to take it.

We ask all these prayers through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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