Intercessions - 20/09

We pray for God's world under Covid.

Lord, as we lift your world up to you in prayer today, we are very aware of the direct and indirect effects of Covid on the people of the world, on the life that people had called 'normal', on health, relationships and social life. Also the financial effect, felt most by those who can least afford it. We pray that there would be help for those who desperately need it, both here and in a concerted international effort across the world. We pray against those who would unfairly profit from Covid. We pray against the further spread of Covid. We pray for limitation on transfer of Covid as workplaces return, as people travel more and as schools and colleges return.

We also pray for school and college students in their studies. We lift to you, Lord, those who will find the altered arrangements difficult, and pray that all pupils and students would settle quickly to their learning, and that their social interactions would not lead to a spike in cases of Covid. We also pray for all teachers and lecturers, with increased workload and new ways of delivering lessons.

We pray for all involved in medical research, whether searching for a treatment or vaccine for Covid or ongoing work against other diseases and conditions.

We pray, Lord, for those who are finding life especially difficult, those who cannot understand the present situation and the limitations, those for whom it just seems too much. May someone be there to help them, may they know who they can turn to, and hold them Lord, sustain them, and bring each person to the knowledge of their worth in your eyes. 

We pray for Rod, Jonny and all the Priory leadership and management. We pray for the Priory's Annual Meeting next month, for inspiration in the candidates who come forward for important roles in these different times, for solid leadership and governance of the church in the coming year. 

We pray for Jonny on retreat before his ordination next week, for real and substantial blessing on him now and in his ministry. We pray too for Katie and your blessing on their life together.

We pray for those sick or suffering, many known to us, including those with serious non-Covid conditions that their treatment may not be compromised. We pray for continued strength for all health workers and thank you for them.

We pray for your grace on the bereaved, Lord, that they and we would persevere in your strength.

Lord, we pray that we and all your people would conduct ourselves now and always in a manner worthy of Christ. Receive our prayers which are offered in His name. Amen.

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