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Lifepath 2019

Last year over 200 volunteers manned the massive Lifepath programme that transformed The Priory. Over 100 monks roamed the grounds and more than 600 primary school children took part in 14 different activities, all related to the history of the beautiful building.

And they are just about to do it all again! Lifepath takes place this year from Monday June 24 to Saturday June 29.

‘We are running the event on Saturday for the first time,’ said Ros Ponting, chair of the steering group. ‘We quite often get children wanting to come but they find it is not the turn of their class so they miss out. This way they can come along with their parents on the Saturday if they want to. It also gives the parents a chance to see what we and the children do.’

Lifepath will involve up to 800 schoolchildren from 20 different schools in Malvern and the surrounding area.

The philosophy behind the event is to introduce young people and staff to the history of The Priory which was founded by Benedictine monks almost 1000 years ago. It celebrates the life of the monks and the Christian faith, giving the children the chance to re-enact some of the activities that were part of the daily life of those who lived in The Priory.

They will try out building techniques, visit the Ringing Chamber, learn about medieval medicine and cook in a monastery kitchen. They will spin fleece, try their hands at stained glass painting and explore the ancient world, all the time learning about the lives the monks led and the faith that brought them together.

Lifepath involves over 200 volunteers so if you feel you would like to help either with your time or your finances please get in touch with the Priory Parish Office 01684 561020, email the office, or contact Ros Ponting on 01684 572165.

Mary Rowswell


Storytime at Lifepath