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House Groups

Priory House Groups provide


Groups meet throughout the week to study God's Word and to discuss its relevance to our daily lives in the relaxed atmosphere of members' homes.

Examples below.

Kasih House Group

We meet on Thursday evenings at 7:30 in Edwina`s home. There are twelve of us in the group, and on an average evening 6-8 of us are present. We chat about anything and everything while people arrive, then we have a short prayer to settle our minds on being in the presence of the Lord and what he may have to tell us.

A number of members of the group are willing to lead the evening's study, but nobody is obliged to lead. We generally use commercially available study courses or material prepared locally (from the diocese or the Priory). The study time is concluded with prayer for particular matters on our hearts, usually at about 9:00, and drinks and cake or biscuits bring the evening to a close.

We support Craig and Claudia Smith, our mission partners in Uganda, in prayer. We keep up to date with their activities and concerns through their blog and email.

All best wishes


Asherina House Group

I am a member of one of the Priory House Groups. We meet fairly regularly on a Wednesday evening.

I value being a member of a small group for various reasons. It would not be possible to know all the congregation at the Priory, but House Group members get to know each other in greater depth.

We meet to study a portion of the Bible, or a booklet like one of the York Courses, or a question relevant to Christianity and faith. It is good to be able to discuss frankly, to air our thoughts openly, to disagree honestly, to be provocative occasionally, but above all to be oneself without having to act a part.


Want to know more?

Contact: The House Group Co-ordinator through the Parish Office