Book of Remembrance

This is an information page about the Book of Remembrance but, if you simply wish to download a Request Form, please click here.

What is the Book of Remembrance?

A special book which records the names of departed loved ones so that they can be remembered in prayer.  Having a page for every day in the year, the book is kept open at the current date and shows the names of those who died on that day.

Who gave it to the Priory?

The Friends.  It was made by bookbinder, Angela Sutton, and was dedicated at Choral Evensong on 27th June 1999.  All the initial calligraphy was done by Caroline Bodger.  The table on which the Book of Remembrance rests was commissioned in memory of Ray Barratt, who for many years was Treasurer of the Priory Church. 


Where is it kept?

In St Anne’s Chapel, a place in the Priory reserved for contemplation or private prayer. Before the Reformation, for several hundred years, a mass for the departed would have been sung daily in the sunken chantry adjacent to St Anne’s Chapel.


Who may be entered in the Book?

Anyone who has had an association with Malvern, particularly but not exclusively former members of Malvern Priory or The Friends of Malvern Priory.

How may a name be entered?

EITHER a Request Form may be obtained from the Parish Office
OR click here to download a Request Form

Completed forms should be sent to The Secretary, The Friends of Malvern Priory, C/o The Parish Office, Church Street, Malvern, WR14 2AY

How often are names inscribed?

Normally once a year.  Names requested in the course of the previous year are collected by the Friends’ Secretary and sent to the calligrapher each May or June.

Can a name be entered more than a year after a loved one has died?


Is there a charge?

No.  A donation to the Friends towards the calligrapher’s costs and the work of The Friends is  appreciated and may be enclosed with a completed Request Form.  

Where are the Request Forms kept after initial use?

In the Priory Church Vestry.  There is no obligation to provide additional genealogical data about the deceased but, if further information is supplied on the form, it may be useful to those, perhaps several hundred years later, who wish to research their ancestry.

What is the Annual Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance?

An opportunity for quiet reflection and thanks for all who have played a part in our lives. The names of those who have died during the last year are read aloud, subject to previous request by a family member or friend. Tea and cake are served after the service. 

When and where is it held?

Once a year in the Priory, usually towards the end of October.  Please click ‘Calendar’ on the menu bar at the top of this page to find the date and time of the next service.


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